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  • Looking at the thumbnail links on the front page, they are clearly pertinent to Season 1, and even while watching Season 2 I was contemplating updates to that grid of eight characters.

    One of the things I was thinking of doing was to split the Brona article to one of Brona and one of Lily (they're distinct characters at this point), but I held back from that on the off chance that more of Brona might resurface. If the one article becomes two, then the front page could be adjusted to the more current character. Beyond that there is Sembene, and possibly some new characters to think about.

    I was also thinking of maybe waiting a couple of episodes into Season 3 to get a feel for its content before pushing these kinds of updates. Have you had any ideas on these things?

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    • XD1

      I agree, they are definitely more reflective of Season 1. If I'm being honest though, my girl & I have fallen behind on the series, and are currently playing catch-up. If you want to give me a list of the characters you think would be more representative of the current mains, I'd be happy to update the portal accordingly.

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    • Ah, okay. Without getting into Season 2 spoilers, we have a show that has changed its character stable significantly. The "current mains" idea is a bit sticky - some of the characters which might be considered "mains" by some, based on just one season, might be better described as "prominent supporters" when more seasons are taken into account. I think waiting a couple of episodes into Season 3 might be for the best then.

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    • XD1

      Spoilers are just a fact of life in my line of work lol - no worries, the sate of the wiki takes precedence. ;)

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi i'm sorry if i haven't been on the wiki much. i recently came back from a cross-country trip. I wanted to asked you if you think we should add episode pages and catagories. I feel it will add pages to the site and another thing that will bring people to the wiki. I ask, because i unfortunately have no idea how to build one properly, but i can add the information in like the episode summary and plot.

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  • I was starting on the Actor/tress pages for the actors of the show but I'm having some problem with the coding, any types?

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