• Archiecs

    I would like to see more elements from other horror themes.

    Like legends, novels, stories, myths, gothic horror, victorian era and universal monsters.

    Jonathan Barker - Mina's husband

    Renfield - a lawyer who was turned into a vampire

    Quincey Morris -

    Arthur Holmwood - Lucuy's fiance

    Lucy Westenra - A young girl turned into a vampire

    Count Dracula - the vampire that made Lucy, Renfield and Mina vampires.

    John Seward - 

    Dracula's Castle

    Henry Clerval - Victor's childhood friend

    Alphonse Frankenstein - father of Victor, Ernest and William

    Ernest Frankenstein - Victor's middle brother

    William Frankenstein - Victor's younger brother

    Frankenstein's Castle

    Erik - the Phantom of the Opera

    Christine Daae - a singer and actress

    Joseph Bouquet - 

    Madame Giry - 


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