In season 1 the vampires were more creature sci-fi esque with little to no speech and very animalistic. Plus the absense of genitalia and their skin was covering an exoskeleton of some sort. With the exception of the captured vampire and Mina who seem more like the classic vampires...

Now in season 3, Dracula does not appear to be of that creature sci-fi esque as far as we know (perhaps underneath Christian Camargo's Victor Sweet "exterior" there is a exoskeleton of some sort). It could also easily be assumed that if he is the first vampire that he does not possess the negative "side effects." But all of his minions this season are also absent of these side effects.

Were the season 1 master vampires a placeholder in case the show ender there? In case they never got a chance to bring in Dracula?

Is it a matter of generation? First generation vampires (made by Dracula) retain their human appearance but as the generations go on, the less "humanity" that is kept?

Did the makers of the show address this outside of the show? Do they plan to address it?

I'm just curious.

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