• WarBlade


    May 25, 2015 by WarBlade

    The non-humans are piling up, and as we get into some grey areas there have been a few back and forth edits, so what I think we should do is to set some standards and stick to them. So far the majority of the monsters on screen have all been human, but changed to be something else. Still, I think it's fair to run with werewolves and vampires seeing as those have changed a long way. Nightcomers start getting sketchy, as these are apparently humans who have essentially been "turned to the dark side" and are being sustained and empowered more by what they do than by a biological shift. At the same time they look pretty non-human, so I've gone along with edits approaching them as a new species. Daywalkers, on the other hand, still have their h…

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